Principal Message

We are delighted that you are considering becoming a student of C.S.P.S, where staff and faculty are committed to those seeking the best at their level. Our goal is not only to give students tools and knowledge, but also to transform the way they think. We leave no stone unturned to encourage students to imbibe aptitude of positive response to the persistent demand of the changing society. We are striving hard to achieve these aims and objectives to the maximum possible extent.

The enclosed bulletin highlights the features of our program, which make Chandra Shaikhar Public the School of First Choice for an increasing number of students. The curriculum practicality emphasizes integration of the functional areas of the syllabus with overall development of the child.

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  • This school is perfect for my son. He has improved dramatically not only in his studies, but also in his overall health. He is more outgoing, likes to do his classwork, and is more motivated to do his classwork. This school is the best of the best.

    Rakesh Kumar, Parent

  • The support of the teachers has been outstanding. They are willing to try new things and help my child grow and learn at her own pace. They also value and respect my input as a parent.

    Kisan Kumar, Parent

  • I like the fact that the teachers and staff are very caring. They give my student more individualized attention than he had before

    Prakesh Mandiratta Parent